Commonly used terms for various technical indicators of photoelectric switches

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①Output status: divided into normally open and normally closed. When there is no object to be detected, the load connected to the normally open photoelectric switch does not work due to the cutoff of the output transistor inside the photoelectric switch. When an object is detected, the transistor is turned on and the load is powered to work.

②Output form: NPN two-wire, NPN three-wire, NPN four-wire, PNP two-wire, PNP three-wire, PNP four-wire, AC two-wire, AC five-wire (with built-in relay), and DC NPN/PNP/normally open/normally closed multi-function and several commonly used output forms.

③Response frequency: The number of photoelectric switch action cycles allowed within the specified time interval of 1s.

④Detection distance: refers to the spatial distance from the reference position (sensing surface of the photoelectric switch) to the detection surface measured when the switch moves when the detection object moves in a certain way. The rated operating distance refers to the nominal value of the proximity switch operating distance.

⑤ Detection method: According to the different ways in which the light emitted by the transmitter is refracted back to the receiver when the photoelectric switch detects an object, it can be divided into diffuse reflection type, mirror reflection type, through-beam type, etc.

⑥Backlash distance: the absolute value between the action distance and the reset distance.

⑦Surface reflectivity: The light emitted by the diffuse reflection photoelectric switch needs to pass through the surface of the detection object before it can be reflected back to the receiver of the diffuse reflection switch. Therefore, the detection distance and the surface reflectance of the detected object will determine the intensity of the light received by the receiver. The intensity of light reflected from a rough surface will be smaller than that reflected from a smooth surface, and the surface of the object to be detected must be perpendicular to the emitted light of the photoelectric switch.


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