Service guarantee

     1】Factory production capacity

A technology-based enterprise specializing in R&D, design, production, sales and service of various sensors and tape machine protection devices for more than ten years.

Products have been widely used in textile, automobile, electric power, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, tobacco, food and beverage, steel, thermoelectricity, papermaking, printing, rubber and plastics, logistics, post and telecommunications, aviation, transportation, embroidery machines, packaging and other industries Automation field.

Our team and factory building are also constantly growing, our production strength is gradually increasing, and our delivery speed is fast.

2】Quality advantages

We have passed European CE safety certification, EU RoHS certification and explosion-proof certification for related products.

The production line is imported from mainstream equipment manufacturers in Germany and is developed and produced in China in accordance with international standards.

With the quality of international first-tier brands and the prices of second-tier brands, KJT Electric will become the surpasser and leader in the industry in the future!

3】R&D advantages

KJT Electric is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and manufacturing, with more than 20 patented technologies and inventions!

We have successfully developed sensor series products for different industries, different customers, and different technical requirements!

Taking the needs of customers as the purpose, we will continue to develop and create products and services that satisfy customers!

4】Product advantages

Product advantages

KJT’s product quality inspection only determines whether it is qualified or unqualified, ensuring that the qualification rate of factory products is 100%.

Product’s unique manufacturing process

Excellent product quality, excellent after-sales service, a large market share, consumer recognition, product price advantages and production scale advantages

5】Customization advantages

KJT has its own professional R&D team that can meet different customer customization needs, including product appearance and special industry needs!

Our customized products have been applied to many industries such as high-speed rail, railways, steel, and textiles


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