Customization center





Customizing a sensor to fit your application is easier and cheaper than you think.

Standard sensors are not always the best solution for your application. We work with you and use our expertise to reliably and efficiently 

analyze your measurement requirements to develop custom-designed solutions that can be economically produced even in small series.



Tell us about your application and we're sure to develop the right solution.

With decades of experience as sensor experts, we are sure to approach your requirements from a familiar standpoint.

We can provide a large number of practical solutions for customers using standard sensors or special sensors that modify standard or custom designs.

  Our capabilities


         Leading manufacturer of high performance sensor solutions

         Extensive technical process knowledge (CMOSens® technology)

         Fast and effective customer support from high-quality postdoctoral R&D teams and project teams

         Reliable workmanship (ISO 9001 quality system certification)

         Professional testing and calibration equipment

         Mass production experience (millions per year)




        After professional analysis and final details finalized, you will receive a quote for your custom OEM sensor

        We use suitable design, development and analysis tools to provide the best design for your sensor. We check with you whether our design meets all your needs and 

        whether our products meet all your specifications in terms of measurement parameters, mechanical design and environment.



        Once an order is placed and approved, mass production of a specific sensor can begin.

        Sensors are produced in agreed batch quantities and carefully tested before being dispatched as planned and accompanied 

        by all necessary documentation, including a free test certificate.

        Can be customized!

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